VIHO Supercharge 20K Smart Vape

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Step into the future of vaping with the VIHO Supercharge 20K Disposable Vape! Engineered to perfection, this product is a game-changing choice for both seasoned vapers and newcomers alike. With a harmonious blend of convenience, superior performance, and extended longevity, the VIHO Supercharge 20K stands as the ultimate vaping solution.

Unleash unparalleled satisfaction as this ingenious device taps into the power of a massive 21mL pre-filled e-liquid reservoir. Relish in the bold, rich flavors paired with a potent 5% (50mg) nicotine strength, that ensures intense satisfaction without the need for constant refills or device changes.

Improve your vaping experience further with innovative Dual Coil Pioneer system, a groundbreaking technology that ensures consistent, flavorful vapor with every puff. Regardless of your preference for fruity, dessert, or classic tobacco flavors, one thing is certain - the Supercharge 20K will enhance your taste experience!

Sustainability and longevity go hand in hand with the VIHO Supercharge 20K. Outperforming other disposable vapes, this device features a Type-C rechargeable battery, assuring that you never run out of power before you've drained your e-liquid.

Never lose track of your battery or e-liquid levels, thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly indicators. These real-time updates ensure that you're always prepared, and your vaping sessions go uninterrupted.

Prepare to be amazed by approximately 20,000 incredible puffs at your disposal! The Supercharge 20K is designed to last, making it a perfect travel companion or a go-to option for those who value convenience.

The VIHO Supercharge 20K Disposable Vape is far from ordinary. It provides a fusion of high-capacity e-liquid, potent nicotine delivery, ground-breaking dual coil technology, and eco-friendly rechargeability. With its prime focus on customer satisfaction and quality, the VIHO Supercharge 20K sets a new benchmark in disposable vaping technology. Experience the pinnacle of vaping with the VIHO Supercharge 20K for an unsurpassed journey that fully realizes your vaping expectations. Invest in VIHO Supercharge 20K and settle for nothing but the best!

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