Ovns Dream 25K Smart Vape

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Experience an upgraded dimension of vaping with the remarkable OVNS Dream 25K, an astonishing advancement in the world of vaping. Quench your vaping desires with our game-changing 25,000 puff Disposable Vape, the first ever to flaunt dual digital screens, a unique feat that diversifies your vaping scope and sets us a cut above the rest.

The OVNS Dream 25K doesn't just promise a vaping experience; it delivers a sensation, blending high performance with sheer convenience. A wondrous 25ml e-juice aptitude makes it a formidable player, allowing unbeatable longevity and minimizing motions of constant refills.

The magic doesn’t stop there; the device’s integrated rechargeable battery ensures sustained usage alongside matchless performance. Revel in an extraordinary vaping journey with approximately an astounding 25,000 puffs, crafted especially for the ardent vapers. Keeping you updated always, it radiantly showcases its battery status and e-juice volume on dual digital screens. Besides, it even shares the device's current output, reinforcing your control over your vaping preferences.

Dictate your vaping style; from a wide spectrum of output power varying between 10W - 25W, ignite your senses at your chosen rhythm. Our device proudly features adaptable airflow adjustments, promoting a personalised vaping indulgence and irresistible flavor bursting from dual mesh coils.

Featuring a punchy 5% nicotine strength, each puff promises a robust hit, satisfying your cravings. Our device not only values your time with its efficient Type-C charging system, but it also prizes simplicity with a draw-activated firing mechanism, making button hassles a thing of the past. It’s an MTL vaping device creating a remarkable emulation of traditional smoking.

OVNS Dream 25K is a league on its own, a device that takes vaping to extraordinary heights. Rooted in innovation yet user-friendly by design, its dual-screen feature, high puff count, and personalizable features make it the unrivaled choice for every vaper, beginner or seasoned. Dive into a dreamlike vaping experience- let your senses journey where no other vape can take you. The OVNS Dream 25K champions your demands with its superior quality and unique selling points. It's not just a vape; it's a way of life!

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