Funky Lands Ci5K Vape

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Step into a retro-futuristic world of vaping with the Funky Lands Ci5000 Disposable Vape, the ultimate fusion of past charm and modern technology! This retro dual-color design will take you on a trip down memory lane, while its ground-breaking features catapult you back to the future.

Packed with a staggering array of 12 distinct flavors, the Ci5000 offers an immersive journey of taste. Relish the sweet frost-kissed herbs of Mountain Ice, harness the power of Miami Mint's tropical allure, or tease your tastebuds with Mango Gami's exotic attraction. With such a diverse flavor palette, your taste adventures are limitless. The best part? These flavors are pure and free from unnecessary additives, promising an authentic, uninterrupted experience.

Meet your nicotine needs without the overpowering hit with Ci5000's 5% nicotine content. Its ideal for those transitioning from traditional cigarettes or for those seeking that familiar nicotine satisfaction. You'll be in for the long haul with the incredible 5000 puff capacity – say goodbye to relentless device refilling or changing – the Ci5000's got you covered.

The Ci5000 stands out in the market with innovative features like rechargeability, ensuring every precious drop of e-liquid is utilized to the fullest. Its customizable airflow control allows you to adjust the draw resistance to your preference, making every puff your masterpiece.

Experience the best of past and present with Funky Lands Ci5000. Discover an unrivaled vaping journey that caters to both beginners and seasoned vapers alike. This is not just a vape; it's a unique adventure filled with nostalgia, innovation, and a whole lot of flavor. Step into the future of vaping with Ci5000 and savor every moment to its fullest.

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