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Experience all-new levels of vaping satisfaction with CALI UL3000, the premium rechargeable disposable vape device expertly crafted by Cali Pods. Beautifully melding design and convenience, the CALI UL3000 stands head and shoulders above its counterparts thanks to its rich features and unparalleled vape experience.

This spectacular device is more than just a pretty face. Engineered with novices and experienced vapers in mind, it delivers consistently enjoyable puffs and keeps you in the loop with its smart LED indicator so you'll never be caught off guard by a low battery or depleted e-liquid.

Here's what you'll love about the CALI UL3000: The smart LED indicator keeps you aware of your device’s vital stats in real-time. No more guessing games - you'll know precisely when to recharge or refill! Speaking of recharging, the CALI UL3000 is powered by a robust 900mAh battery, easily recharged via a Type-C port for prolonged use.

Do you love extensive vaping sessions? The CALI UL3000 has got you covered with its pre-filled 8ml e-liquid capacity offering about 3000 puffs - no more regular refills! Plus, the 5% (50mg) salt nicotine content ensures a satisfying, smooth hitting experience.

Carry this sleek gem easily wherever you go, thanks to its compact design – perfect for on-the-go vaping. But the real showstopper is the variety of delectable flavors; from tropical Coconut Banana to refreshing Frozen Strawberry Raspberry, seasoned Tobacco, and many more.

Why Settle with the CALI UL3000? Its high puff count, rechargeable battery, elegant and convenient design, coupled with multiple flavor options set it apart. Whether you are new to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, the Cali UL3000 provides an unparalleled and satisfying experience. Choose the Cali UL3000 and elevate your vaping experience!

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