ARC 16K Smart Vape

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Introducing the ARC DC 16000 Disposable Vape – the epitome of vaping convenience and satisfaction! Engineered for vapers who refuse to compromise on quality or performance, the ARC DC 16000 is a revelation in the world of disposable vapes. When every puff counts, look no further than this meticulously crafted vaping marvel.

The ARC DC 16000 dominates the disposable vape universe with its colossal 15mL pre-filled e-liquid capacity. No need to struggle with frequent refills or replacements – your vaping pleasure is designed to last. Furthermore, its robust 5% (50mg) nicotine strength ensures a smooth yet potent vaping experience, meeting the expectations of both transitioning smokers and seasoned vapers.

Remain powered up with the sturdy 800mAh Type-C rechargeable battery. No premature battery deaths or wasted e-liquid – the ARC DC 16000 eases your vaping life like no other! Enjoy approximately 16,000 puffs, a testament to our commitment to setting new standards for disposable vape longevity.

Our vape not only performs but also keeps you informed. Its transparent e-liquid chamber helps you monitor the levels, letting you refill just in time. The intuitive battery indicator saves you from guessing games, notifying you when a recharge is needed.

Add a personal touch to your vaping sessions with the adjustable airflow feature. Tight draw or an open one, your whim is our command. Plus, our Light On/Off feature (3x Rapid Puffs) adds a fun element of control and customization to your sessions.

Raise the bar of vaping pleasure with the ARC DC 16000's mesh coil. It heats evenly, and extracts every bit of flavor from your e-liquid, taking your vaping experience to a whole new level.

12 exciting flavors ranging from tropical to tangy await you. Be it the zesty Cherry Lemon, refreshing Miami Mint or the playful Kiwi Bubble Gum- decide on your vaping mood and flavor, we've got you covered.

The ARC DC 16000 is not just a disposable vape. Wrapped in a compact design, it's a symbol of unparalleled quality, innovation, and satisfaction. Whether you’re a fan of on-the-go vaping, on a journey, or simply unwinding, this vape meets your needs with style and proficiency.

In this crowded market, the ARC DC 16000 Disposable Vape breaks more than just barriers. Don't just vape, indulge in an immersive vaping experience that’s tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. Discover the pinnacle of vaping satisfaction today with ARC DC 16000 Disposable Vape — your perfect vape companion!

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