Sugar Daddy Bar BV7200 Smart Vape

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Step into the future of vaping with the Sugar Daddy BV7200 Disposable Vape! Built for convenience, the BV7200 caters to the modern enthusiast, eliminating the need for constant maintenance, recharging, and refilling.

Exceptional Performance: Dive deep into an unparalleled vaping experience with Sugar Daddy BV7200, designed to deliver an incredible 7200 puff count per device - a standout feature not many disposable vapes can match. You can now enjoy continuous vaping sessions without worrying about the need for frequent recharges.

Exquisite Flavor Profile: Each BV7200 comes pre-loaded with a generous 18ml of your favorite e-liquid flavor! Indulge in an extended vaping experience without the hassle of regular refills!

Power-Packed Nicotine Hit: The BV7200 Disposable features a robust nicotine strength of 5% (50mg), offering vapers an ideal device that perfectly caters to nicotine fans. Even if you're transitioning from the traditional cigarettes, its impressive throat-hit would ease your move without missing a beat.

Advanced Coil Design: Our innovative design integrates a mesh coil for enhanced flavor and superior vapor production. Acknowledged for their uniform heat distribution and rapid heating abilities, mesh coils offer an unmatched vaping experience.

Super-Efficient Recharging: The BV7200 can be recharged through a USB Type-C port, minimizing your wait time between sessions. Charge smarter, not longer!

Intelligent Battery Life Indicator: Keep an eye on your device's power status at all times with our intuitive battery life indicator. Be it a green light for a good-to-go device, a blue light to prompt a recharge, or a red light indicating a depleted device – we've got you covered!

Why choose Sugar Daddy BV7200 Disposable? It brings you the convenience you yearn for and the performance you deserve. Offering an impressive puff count, generous e-liquid volume, a rich nicotine hit, and a cutting-edge coil design, all wrapped up in a hassle-free, disposable form – it's the perfect fit for the discerning vaper. Experience the new standard in disposable vaping with the Sugar Daddy BV7200 Disposable Vape. Try it now, because you deserve the best!

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