EB BC10K Smart Vape

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Get ready for the ultimate long-lasting vape experience with the new ELF BAR BC10000, a top-tier disposable vape device like no other! With the capacity to deliver up to 10,000 puffs, the ELF BAR BC10000 is specially designed for the heavy vapers out there who crave reliability and longevity. It packs a whopping 18ML e-liquid volume - yes, you heard it right! Say goodbye to frequent refills and indulge in your favorite flavors longer!

The ELF BAR BC10000 isn't just about big numbers, it also boasts some seriously cutting-edge tech. One of its standout features - it's rechargeable! Made more convenient with a Type-C charging port, this baby is catching up with today's technology where Type-C has become a convention. Imagine needing only 15-20 minutes to fully charge your device - a dream come true for those who are always on the move!

But hold on, the good stuff doesn't stop here. Powering our mighty little warrior is a 620mAh battery, ensuring that it can withstand extended use while maintaining consistent prime performance. That's how we guarantee that big puff count and super-fast charging, without any compromise!

And for the flavor-chasers, the built-in mesh coil is a game changer. With a larger surface area, it allows for even heating and better vapor production, meaning every puff is smoother and more flavorful than ever.

We're even giving you a unique e-liquid display ¬– a rare find in disposable vapes – so you're never mortified by a suddenly drained vape. A handy charging display too - stay informed about your battery status and charging progress in real-time!

Designed with user convenience but without compromising style and compactness, the sleek ELF BAR BC10000 fits comfortably in your pocket and is an eye catcher. If you're no stranger to strong, satisfying nicotine hits, our 50MG nicotine strength will surely delight, making this vape an excellent option for smokers looking to make the switch.

In the world of disposable vapes, the ELF BAR BC10000 is a trailblazer! Offering a magical blend of convenience, performance, and advanced features, it’s designed for both novice and seasoned vapers. Elevate your vaping experience today, and discover why the ELF BAR BC10000 is creating waves in the market!

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